Our Housekeeping Course


Our Housekeeping Course is Practical and teaches your helper so much more than just the basics!

Would you like your housekeeper/butler/houseman trained to do so much more than thorough housekeeping? 

Would you like them to manage your home and take away all the stresses of grocery lists, basic shopping, some homework supervision, answering calls and taking down messages if needed; most importantly breakfast and lunchbox preps as well as keeping clean and orderly cupboards; regularly cleaning fridges, freezers and daily used appliances?

We can take your housekeeper to that next level!

We provide useful cleaning tips, advice on how to be waterwise, time management and how to use products sparingly, often swopping stronger detergents for natural cleaning products.

Call us now for our latest training calendar. We could discuss your needs and personalise our course to free up more of your time and take away all the stresses of micro-managing a housekeeper. 

Leave the training to the experts!

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